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In Pennsylvania, your business does not have a single tax id, but rather an account number also known as box number for each tax account with the Pennsylvania Department of State. For example, if your business sells candy bars and has employees, you will have separate tax accounts with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue for sales tax and employer withholding tax. Your Pennsylvania business obtains separate tax IDs to be used for federal and state taxes.

For example, when your business hires its first W-2 employee, this necessitates registering for both IDs if you have not done so already. Sole proprietorships and general partnerships are not legal entities, separate from their owners.

EIN, TIN, GIIN, LEI – The Alphabet Soup of Tax Identification Numbers

If so, then you will automatically receive your first Pennsylvania business tax account when you form or register your business entity with the Pennsylvania Department of State. Your registration is automatically relayed to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, who will register your business for capital stock, corporate net income, and loans tax.

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The Department of Revenue then mails you the tax account number and information about your tax responsibilities within weeks. All Pennsylvania businesses are responsible for registering for applicable state tax accounts with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. There are over 15 business state taxes - the most common taxes are sales tax and employer-related taxes. Fulfill Your Registration Responsibilities.

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Our service registers your business for required state tax accounts. The PA Business Tax Registration Form is used by new businesses to register for their initial applicable state tax accounts and by existing businesses to register for additional taxes.

If any of the following are topical to your business, you may have a state tax obligation and therefore need to file PA to register. Our service obtains your Pennsylvania Tax ID s. We prepare and file your page PA form for you. You receive your Pennsylvania Tax ID s in weeks depending on the type of tax accounts required.

Please call for pricing Identify applicable tax accounts. We prepare and file Form PA 14 pages.

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Applications over the phone are the generally the quicker of those three options. Using the correct EIN for your business is critical when electronically submitting income tax filings and other information returns.

For example, a taxpayer with the corporate name, John Smith, P. With the enactment of the U. GIINs are assigned to non-U. FATCA rules and regulations.

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XXX, is a character identification number that is a composite of several identifiers. A GIIN can be assigned to a variety of entity types such as a participating foreign financial institution PFFI , direct reporting nonfinancial foreign entity Direct NFFE , a registered deemed-compliant foreign financial institution or a sponsoring entity. A newly formed entity in a non-U. It just means that you have to file your taxes and pay any tax due if you do work.

A hassle-free way to get your state tax identification number.

Financial institution services Many financial institutions are now allowing people with ITINs to use their products, especially credit unions whose aim is to provide underserved communities with quality, low-cost financial services. With an ITIN, you may be able to open checking and savings accounts, as well as other income-bearing accounts.

Since you may be able to get a loan or line of credit from a financial institution, you can build a good credit history by borrowing money and repaying balances responsibly. Your activity will be reported to the credit bureaus, and as with loan qualification, there is no distinction between a SSN and an ITIN for credit scoring and reporting purposes. All you have to do is complete a one-page IRS-issued form called Form W-7 , attach your federal income tax return, and provide your proof of identity and foreign status.

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