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Some county clerks will want to verify your social security number with a social security card, W-2, tax return, or payroll stub.

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You can change your name because of marriage with your marriage certificate. A name change application can help you complete the process. At least two competent witnesses must attend your marriage ceremony and sign the marriage license afterward. You may be joined in marriage by an ordained clergyperson, religious society, authorized person of a federally recognized Indian tribe, nation, or pueblo; or an active or retired state or federal judge, justice, or magistrate.

New Mexico law does not permit self-solemnized marriage ceremonies. You must enlist a third-party to officiate. Your marriage license must be returned to the issuing county clerk for recording no later than 90 days after the ceremony. Go to county clerks for marriage records, district courts for divorce records, and New Mexico's Bureau of Vital Records for birth and death records.

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New Mexico law prohibits marriage between ascendants, descendants, siblings of the whole or half blood, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews. Unlike some states, New Mexico law does not tolerate bigamy in cases of prolonged spousal desertion or presumption of death. New Mexico abolished common-law marriage in New Mexico does not recognize common-law marriage, even if lawfully established in another state or jurisdiction.

Choose a location Common-law marriage has diverse names, from "marriage in fact", "marriage by repute and habit", "informal…. Apart from imposing penalties and fines on offenders across the divide, states around the country have enacted laws imposing non-offender…. One of the truths from research is that through premarital preparation courses and programs divorces are reduced and healthy marriages….

Residency Is my residency a factor? Costs How much is a marriage license? Does the marriage license fee include a marriage certificate?


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Usage Where can I use my marriage license? Can I use a marriage license from another state in New Mexico? You cannot use another state's marriage license to marry in New Mexico. Application What information will I have to fill out? Attendance What if I can't apply in person?

Age Requirements How old must I be to marry? Aged 18 and over? If you're 18 years old or older, parental consent to marry is unnecessary. Aged 16 and 17? Aged 15 and under? What are the parental consent requirements? How must consent be granted? What if one parent refuses to grant consent?

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If I'm emancipated, is parental consent still required? Only emancipated 16 and 17 year olds can marry without parental or judicial consent. What are the district court requirements? Who files the petition? Do I apply first or petition first? Waiting Period When will I get my marriage license? Your marriage license will be issued immediately.

You can marry anytime thereafter.

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Expiration How long will my marriage license last? New Mexico marriage licenses do not expire after issuance.

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What if my marriage license is lost or destroyed? Identification Do I have to show ID? What if I have insufficient ID?

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Do I have to show my birth certificate? Do I have to show my social security card? What ID must consenting parents and guardians show?

ID for parents? A consenting parent's ID must match the name on the underage applicant's birth certificate. ID for guardians? A consenting legal guardian's ID must match the name on the guardianship papers. Proof of deceased parent? A certified copy of a deceased parent's death certificate must be presented.


Blood Test Do I have to get a blood test? Kassouf said the collaboration provides the opportunity for state office personnel to deliver services closer to the community. Under normal circumstances, an applicant would be required to travel to Santa Fe in order to apply for a certificate and if they lacked certain documentation, they would have to return later to complete the process, he added.

By offering the service in Shiprock, a person can visit tribal offices to obtain copies of documents they may need, he said. Another benefit is the opportunity to talk to people who can answer questions and review documentation before the process starts, he added. She can be reached at