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Abounding with surprise, the film transports us to a little-known setting to unfold a universal tale. The year is , in the home of an extended family off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia where they maintain strong connections to African linguistic and cultural traditions.

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Here, many members of the Peazant family are on the verge of a planned migration to the U. However, family members clash over the meaning of this move. Viola, who has lived up North and returned as a Christian convert, views the crossing as a step out of bankrupt African superstitions into a kind of light.

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Nana Peazant, the aged matriarch, refuses to migrate and frets over the possibility of broken family ties and lost traditions. A brilliant cast enacts these negotiations with exceeding depth, befitting the weight of the decision the Peazants face: to embrace the land that other Africans once fled. All of this is graced by the luminous cinematography of A.

Daughters of the Dust: the film that inspired Beyoncé’s Lemonade

New, fully timed second answer print struck from original 35mm color internegative. Available for research at UCLA. But she never gave up trying—she's still pitching screenplays, like a film about a family of black magicians and one about African-American women who served overseas in World War II. In between this, Dash was looking for a company to release Daughters of the Dust on Blu-ray.

Once Lemonade premiered on HBO and people began noticing Dash's influence, her visibility increased among a new audience and the decision to release the film theatrically was made.

The day that it aired I got a ton of phone calls and my website shut down because people were searching trying to find out who the heck I was! We started trending on Twitter with daughtersofthedust and people wanted to find out what that meant. Lemonade and Daughters of the Dust share many similarities—a non-linear narrative, flowing white costumes and dresses, and arresting images of women gathering together on sandy beaches, to name a few—but both embrace the pain and power of black women who have endured and continue to overcome.

The films use family recipes and traditions, handed down from one generation to the next, to express the continuation of culture. For Daughters of the Dust , Dash worked closely with the late Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor, a culinary anthropologist, to express the culture of the Geechee people through their cuisine. The grandmother in Dash's film, Nana Peazant—her hands stained blue from indigo dye at her old slave plantation—shares African expressions with children who are leaving the island. She doesn't want them to forget their heritage, and places okra on their foreheads as she speaks to them.

Once again the response has been hugely positive. I think now young people read a film differently.


Daughters of the Dust review – the dreamlike film that inspired Beyoncé's Lemonade

They're not lost in the mindset of the traditional western narrative, especially with the plotting. Men talk on the beach. Eli is conflicted as Eula has been raped by a white man on the mainland and Eli does not know if the child is his. She never belonged to you. She married you. The look toward modernity. White dresses, indigo dyeing, and azure skies make for an extraordinary aesthetic — cinematographer Arthur Jafa won the top cinematography prize at Sundance in Heed the call.

Review: Ceaseless adulation grates — but it is still a fascinating study of a remarkable life.

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