Not running background checks on volunteers

You can also email us if you volunteer with any of our programs or more specifically if you are a judge or volunteer for Intel ISEF.

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Is everyone required to have a background check conducted? How long will my information be stored in the Sterling Volunteers Database?

Background checks on school volunteers

Will my information be shared or exchanged? How is my background check reviewed?

Is it entirely confidential? Why does Sterling Volunteers need to pull my background check for an entire year when volunteer service is limited to a few days? What type of information is Sterling Volunteers screening and how does that impact my report? Can I receive a copy of my background check? If my report comes back with information that is incorrect how can I repair it?

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Background Checks for Non-Profits: Volunteer & Employee Screening

While most nonprofit leaders are well aware of the prohibition on asking an applicant about medical conditions and family status, when similar information is discovered in an online query it may seep into the process of evaluating the applicant and expose the nonprofit to allegations of disparate treatment under Title VII and other civil rights laws. The good news about background checking is that nonprofit leaders today have faster, cheaper options for identifying prior criminal offenses that would render an applicant ill-suited for a key paid or volunteer position.

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But the bad news is that faster turnaround and more affordable pricing does not reduce the risk associated with less than careful screening. And as was true when criminal history background checking was a laborious and expensive process, it remains a single tool in a toolbox of screening options that should be considered by leaders focused on choosing the most suitable applicants for key positions.

Melanie welcomes your feedback on this article and questions about NRMC resources at It Takes a Toolbox The biggest misperception about criminal history background checks is that they are the only effective way to prevent the hiring of unsuitable paid or volunteer personnel. Brave… or Frightening New World? Common motivations for considering background checks as a screening tool include fear of lawsuits alleging negligent hiring, changing expectations of stakeholders, and the perspective of insurance providers that background checking is a minimum risk management requirement.

How important are Volunteer Background Checks?

Improved options for conducting criminal history background checks. If criminal records do appear, churches then have to decide whether or not these infractions will put anyone at risk or interfere with an individual's ability to do their job. There's generally two ways a church can treat a background check: Screen employees and volunteers working with vulnerable populations like you would a nanny or daycare worker. Screen employees and volunteers who work in other positions leadership, administrative, etc.

Screening Employees or Volunteers Working with Vulnerable Populations Churches should run the same background check that a parent would run on a nanny or childcare provider.

FAQs & Helpful Articles About Screening Volunteers

Screening Church Employees Churches often have deacons, administrative assistants, financial planners, and other support staff to help keep their organizations running. They can do this by conducting employee background checks, which generally screen for: Criminal records Identity and work status validation Credit report Reference Check Education and licensing validation Social media check You can learn more about what's included in an employment background check and how to run one here.

How long does a background check take? How can I check someone's sex offender status?