How much do vinyl records weigh

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How Much Do Records Weigh? Location: Dallas, TX.

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As a long time collector of records I noticed that many of the the LPs and 45s pressed in the '50s up into the early '60s are thicker and weigh more than their latter counterparts, especially the RCA "Dynaflex". Does anyone know the weight ranges, preferably in grams, of LPs and 45s through their history I am curious how they compare, weight wise, to the gram LPs of today.

What prompted this muse was Location: Lodi, New Jersey.

I'll give this a guess, using a few different record companies. I remember reading in a link pasted here a while back that the old JVC Supervinyl MoFi LP's the regular ones varyed somewhat in weight, but if I remember correctly, could range from 95 grams to about Old 's 2-eye Columbia LP's - probably about grams, with their older 6-eye 12" LP's weighing a bit more.

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However, variations in pressing at the plant, especially with such a mass produced product as commercial LP's in the 's and 60's, allow for copies to sometimes turn up a bit lighter or heavier than an average copy and not just at Capitol. They issued "Ping-Pong" in mono?

Interesting, since the title referred to the style of recording, and there ain't no ping-pong in mono. On the back cover, at least on the stereo version, they make a point about the imaging on the record. MMM , Jan 6, Thanks, Martin One LP that I did pick up that I like is Rocky sings and plays the piano In that same era, the average weight of an LP was. The average LP record weigh about gram. Cheap and light records can weigh as little as grams, but some of them are much heavier than average. I assume you are talking average not a particular albums: The crate weighed in at lbs metezudanu.

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The cheaper and Generally speaking, LP records are a little on the heavier side. They vary.

A common assumption is grams see ref 1. They can be anywhere from. Many new vinyl record releases tout their selling feature of being pressed on however the weight alone does not inherently make a better vinyl pressing. Anyone had to do any calculations about how much their LPs or 45s weigh? Assuming 10 oz.