California deputy commissioner of marriage

Your license permits you to be married anywhere in the state of California.

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You and your future spouse must be present to apply for a license and must be:. With a Standard license, your marriage becomes part of the public record but your information is not published and cannot be searched online. A Confidential license does not become part of the public record.

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To apply for a Confidential license, you must already be living with your future spouse. A Confidential marriage has restrictions that a Standard marriage does not have. To apply for a Confidential marriage license, you must already be living with your future spouse.

To purchase a Confidential marriage certificate proof of your marriage , you must either be the married person listed on the certificate or have a court order authorizing you to purchase the certificate. Confidential marriages date back to the late s. Couples living on farms or in small towns often had difficulty finding a place to marry and some couples lived together and started families without getting married.

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When they did marry, those couples could apply for a Confidential marriage license, keeping their date of marriage out of the public record and protecting their families from the social censure of the time. No appointment is necessary for a marriage license—show up at the Clerk-Recorder's Office with your future spouse and:.

Public Marriage License

If you don't have valid id, you can provide two Credible Witnesses—friends or family members who have valid personal identification and can sign an affidavit verifying your identity. When you get your license, you need to complete your marriage ceremony within 90 days in the state of California.

Marriage License & Ceremony | Napa County, CA

The county has a dedicated wedding chapel you can rent for your marriage ceremony. Return your signed marriage license to the Clerk-Recorder's Office within 10 business days of being married. Call the office of the County Recorder at for more information. If you wish to have a civil ceremony performed by the Commissioner, call to set an appointment.

Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages for a Day

To request a certified copy of a marriage certificate, the marriage license must have been issued in Tehama County. Give the name of Party A and Party B and the date of marriage.

Box , Red Bluff, CA Click here to access the form to become a Deputy Marriage Commissioner for a Day. View Web Agenda.

Marriage Ceremonies

Counties are not required by law to provide this service. Applicants must meet the following requirements:. Carlton B. Goodlett Pl. Skip to main content. Applicants must meet the following requirements: Deputization will only be granted on a San Francisco County issued marriage license.