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Price a Car Select the car you want to price and get an instant valuation. Find the average market value of your car to sell privately All fields are required. Postal Code. What condition is your car in? Excellent Looks new and is in excellent mechanical condition. Good Has some repairable cosmetic defects and is free of major mechanical problems. Please enter a different year or model. Please enter your postal code using alphanumeric characters, i.

H1H 1H1. Good Price Based on region and trim, and an average mileage of 20, km per year This graph compares the vehicle you have selected to the average market price for a on autoTRADER. To get the best possible price for your car, you must be honest with yourself and the potential buyers about its condition. If you are too harsh during your judgment, you will undervalue the vehicle, losing money. On the other hand, if you ignore flaws in the vehicle, you may overvalue it. When you price the car too high, you will struggle to find a buyer.

In this case, you will have to either lower the asking price or wait months and months to make the sale. The service and accident histories will also have an impact. Vehicles that have been regularly maintained and have not been in any accidents are in better condition.

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An often-overlooked factor affecting condition is the type of driving. Driving in the city will cause wear and tear more quickly than highway driving. Additionally, regularly driving by the ocean due to salt in the air , in dusty areas, or on mountains will worsen the condition of the vehicle. The interior condition will include such factors as if:. Important exterior features that can affect how you classify the condition of your vehicle include:. Things to look out for include:.

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You should pay for an inspection prior to selling your car at any rate. This will allow you to provide the buyers peace of mind and ensure that they do not return to you with complaints about the car. In addition to the condition, where your used car falls within the KBB price range will depend on the type of transmission you have, the number of previous owners, and the features your vehicle has. Go back to Kelley Blue Book and check the value for your specific make, model, and year with the condition included. Ideally, you will find a private party value of the same condition.

The internet is your secret weapon for researching your local San Diego market. Use these pages to search the vehicles currently for sale, entering your specific make, model, and year. Ideally, you want to limit your search to 50 miles of San Diego, as this keeps the information you find local.

However, you should find at least five vehicles for sale that are comparable to yours. If this is not possible within a mile range of San Diego, expand your search radius. Once you have about five similar vehicles to your car, it is time to compare their prices. Put them in order by price and aim to list your car somewhere in the middle.

Driveo’s Common Sense Method for Vehicle Valuation: Finding Your Used Car Value

Your used car price should not be the cheapest of the bunch or the most expensive. If it is the cheapest, you will lose money, but if it is the most expensive, buyers will simply choose a more affordable alternative. Write down this figure next to your KBB value, clearly labeling which value is based on the market price and which is from Kelley Blue Book. Following the Common Sense Method for Vehicle Valuation, you should now have two potential asking prices for your car.

If you are lucky, these figures will be similar and you are ready to set your price and list your car.

Step 1: Check the Used Car Value of Your Car on Reputable Websites

Most of the time, this is not the case. In some cases, there is a discrepancy. When in doubt, always follow the market value, as this indicates what you can actually get for your vehicle in San Diego. This is particularly true in cases when the market value is higher than the KBB one. In that situation, pricing at the Kelley Blue Book value would mean making less money than you could. On the bright side, you would sell your car more quickly.

Pricing becomes more complicated in situations when the KBB value is higher than the market costs. If you want to sell your car quickly, stick to the market price from the start. If you are willing to wait a few weeks, consider listing your vehicle at the value from KBB at first.

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You may get lucky and find a buyer willing to pay that price. However, you should not leave your car at this price for more than 10 days.

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If you have not found a buyer within that time, you will not get your asking price due to more affordable choices on the market. After 10 days, lower your asking price to match the market value. This should lead to a sale. The Common Sense Method for Car Valuation is nearly identical whether you are selling your car or trading it in, but with a few key differences. Remember that a dealership will almost never give you the asking price for a trade-in.

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Because of this, you should always ask for a figure at the top of the price range based on research done on Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds. When trading in your car, you can ignore the market value and focus on these figures instead. Aside from having one of the most dependable scientific inspection tool, the largest buyer network, a reliable used car valuation tool, we constantly strive to serve you better.

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Select Variant. Is Used Car Valuation tool free? Yes, the used car valuation tool at CarDekho Gaadi is a free tool. I am satisfied with the estimated price. How Does Used Car Valuation impact the insurance of my vehicle? How does the Used Car Valuation Calculator help sellers and buyers?