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You will find that most teachers you come across have studied music from a young age. Formal qualifications in the UK begin with graded exams which you may like to take yourself going from grade Following these grades, musicians are likely to either pursue a degree, or diploma in performance or teaching:. ATCL associate : equivalent to one year of an undergraduate degree LTCL licentiate : equivalent to the final year of an undergraduate degree FTCL fellowship : equivalent to a postgraduate course or conservatoire degree.

Your piano teacher is likely to be classically trained, but if you are looking to learn a different style such as jazz, you may find different credentials available and more of a focus on performance, as jazz is such a performance based and often improvised live skill.

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When deciding which teacher is right for you, you will need to decide what is more important to you. For example, if you would like to learn about the history and context of pieces as you learn, or are hoping to pursue music as a career, you may prefer a teacher with a music degree due to the weighting on academic music as part of those studies.

If you are new to the instrument and would like somebody who is sensitive to the needs of a new learner, then somebody with lots of experience teaching may be your first choice. On Encore you will have access to as many reviews from former and current students so that you can get a sense of how their personality may match with yours and understand what makes them a great teacher! At Encore we have measures in place to ensure that your teacher is very professional and safe for you to meet and have lessons with.

We ensure their testimonials are verified, check their credentials, speak with each teacher on our site before allowing them to go out for work and most importantly, we list which teachers are DBS checked which is important for childrens piano lessons. Look out for the DBS certificate badge on Encore for complete peace of mind.

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There are some considerations you may like to make when finding a teacher for your piano lessons. Learn more Consider your goals and expectations. Before you research possible teachers, consider your goals for playing and expectations for a good teacher. Are you a beginner who is interested in learning the basics? Do you want to refresh skills you learned earlier in life?

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Do you want to play at school or church, compete at recitals, or pursue a career in music? Asking these questions will make it easier to identify the best teacher for your needs. Consider the student. Are you the student or is your child? What kind of music do you want to learn how to play?

Piano teachers often specialize in specific types of students and music. Thinking about the student's traits will also help you identify the right teacher. The way a piano teacher approaches a student who is a child is different than how they would engage an adult student. Consider the student's ability level.

If you are a beginner, you might prefer someone who works with students of the same ability level. The teacher will likely know best how to avoid common frustrations beginners have and be less rigorous than a teacher who works with professionals.

Likewise, a person who is looking to play for the public may want a teacher who is more disciplined and strict. Consider music style. Are you interested in playing a specific type of music? Just as with the student's age and ability level, many piano teachers specialize in certain types of music such as jazz, classical, or pop music. You can choose someone who teaches your specific style wish or someone who teaches different types of music.

Consider the lesson format. Think about the type of lessons you want to take. You might prefer private lessons in a home to a music school with group lessons.

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Identifying what format best suits your needs and comfort level will help you further narrow down your list of teachers. Group lessons tend to be less expensive and can be more fun for some students, though it may take longer to learn how to play the piano. Consider the lesson location. Where do you want to take your lesson?

1. Know what you’re looking for

Do you want to take it in the teacher's home, a studio, or music school? Do you want the teacher to come to your home? If a teacher comes to your home, remember that you will need to own a piano before you can take a lesson. Consider your schedule. How often do you want a lesson and are you willing to practice? Learning how to play the piano requires substantial time commitment to take lessons and practice. It also means spending a lot of time with a teacher as you refine your skills.

Find the names of individual piano teachers. Once you've established your goals and expectations, start looking for individual teachers who meet your needs. The teachers I respect tell me they would prefer not to start children before age 7, or they take them with the understanding that they will give the children a more general music experience for their first couple of years, and then gradually move into specific piano study. Along those lines, I suggest people enroll their younger children in a Dalcroze or Kindermusic class.

How To Find the Right Piano Teacher: An Open Letter to Parents

In those classes, children learn a lot about music through movement, listening, and using percussion instruments that require only larger muscle movement. They can develop a lively and sophisticated musical foundation without having to use or stress their developing tendons and ligaments. There is a fabulous Dalcroze instructor in my neighborhood, Dorothea Cook, who is a beautiful musician and teacher. She teaches at the Stony Brook Pre-College program, and also teaches separate classes.

Now I have a long list of teachers.

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How do I know which ones might be right for me? Make a list of what you want in a teacher, and from your lessons. Now start comparing your reference list with your list of what you need in a teacher. Now it's time to interview the teachers you selected. You're ready to make a choice now!