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Education and awareness about your local birthing culture is a great place to start. For my fellow Georgians, how are we stacking up?

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For the following statistics, lower rates are generally considered better. NTSV stands for a nulliparous first time mother , who carried a singleton baby to term in the vertex position head down. What is the significance of this number? What about VBACs today? Uterine rupture occurs when a separation of the uterine wall occurs at the scar of the previous cesarean. After a woman has had a VBAC, her risk of uterine rupture decreases more with each vaginal delivery. So where does Georgia stand? Georgia is listed fourth among the top ten states for the lowest VBAC rates in the country, with the national average of Whether or not to get an epidural is a personal decision; however, it is important to understand that epidurals are not without risks.

In the U. An important consideration is that the epidural is not an intervention that can be chosen in isolation. When a birthing person consents to or requests an epidural, there are a handful of interventions that coincide with the epidural. These are likely to include continuous blood pressure monitoring, oxygen monitoring with a probe on your finger, a cuff on your arm to measure your blood pressure, a probe on your finger to measure your oxygen level, IV fluids, a catheter in your bladder, and the use of continuous fetal monitoring.

Labor induction is when artificial means, such as artificial hormones like oxytocin, are used to start labor rather than waiting for the onset of spontaneous labor. How long is a normal pregnancy and what are some common reasons for induction? However, current evidence does not support this rule and it is questionable if this is what Naegele intended.

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So if 40 weeks is not supported by current evidence, then how long is a normal pregnancy? The answer is that there is a variation of normal. The other half will not. Other common reasons for inductions include premature rupture of membranes PROM , low amniotic fluid levels , and suspected big baby. Lastly, some moms prefer to know their Bishop Score when weighing the option of an induction. A Bishop Score rates the readiness of the cervix for labor.

For the following statistic on breastfeeding, higher rates are generally considered better. Health benefits with breastfeeding extend to babies, children and mothers, and can make an impact on improving public health. Many hospitals have International Board Certified Lactation Consultants IBCLCs to help get breastfeeding off to a good start after birth, and often they are available for support even following discharge from the hospital. La Leche League LLL provides mother to mother support, and meetings are facilitated by accredited leaders who also offer support, education, encouragement and information between LLL meetings.

You can find our local LLL chapter here. Unfortunately, despite most mothers wanting to breastfeed demonstrated by high breastfeeding initiation rates , lack of support and education about breastfeeding can cause breastfeeding relationships to end prematurely.

Being Denied a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Thankfully, steps are being taken towards normalizing breastfeeding. All 50 states and the District of Columbia now have laws in place that protect the rights of those who breastfeed in public, and 29 states including Georgia have laws in place regarding breastfeeding in the workplace. The Atlanta airport features six breastfeeding pods. Alternatively, only 8. Someone who willingly shares and who also has low cesarean rates and high rates of VBAC is even better.

Ask if repeat cesareans are routinely scheduled for VBAC parents at 39, 40, or 41 weeks. If so, ask why. The more restrictions on VBACs, the less chance you can actually achieve one. Ask about policies: Ask your potential provider about the policies that might affect your care during your pregnancy and birth.

Does the hospital where they deliver have any policies in place regarding VBAC? Does your provider induce VBAC? Low dose Pitocin? Do they recommend VBAC patients come to the hospital early in labor? Do they require continuous fetal monitoring? Do they require internal fetal monitoring? Do they require that VBAC patients have epidurals? Are there time limits on how long a VBAC patient can labor?

Make sure you have a clear idea of what policies you might be dealing with, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to go with that provider for your birth. Ask about risk, availability, and support : A good sign is a provider who will clearly explain to you the risks of both having a repeat cesarean and the risks of VBAC—not only the risks of VBAC.

You should also ask doctor or midwife what they think makes for a successful VBAC in terms of labor support—does it involve a doula, birthing classes, or other types of support or preparation? Ask them what they think might best help your chances for having a VBAC—as well as what might hurt your chances.

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Another important aspect to consider is the availability of the specific provider you might want. Can they guarantee that themselves or another supportive provider will be at your birth, no matter when you go into labor? Ask about family-centered or gentle cesarean: In the event that you would have to have another cesarean, either planned or unplanned, you should certainly ask about the option of family-centered cesarean.

This is a cesarean birth that involves skin-to-skin in the OR and other elements, sometimes including a clear or lowered drape so the birthing parent can watch the birth, an additional support person in the room, and more. A family-centered or gentle cesarean is all about facilitating early contact between the parents and the baby and making the entire experience more emotionally-resonant for the family.

Does your provider already do these types of births? If not, why not? Would they be willing work with you to plan a family-centered cesarean in the event that a VBAC did not happen? You are entirely entitled to make informed decisions about your provider and your medical care.

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Finding a supportive provider who is transparent about his or her policies and practices will make a huge difference in ensuring that the care you receive is positive, respectful, and evidence-based. Hello My name is Amber.

I live in the Kent, WA. Can you possibly provide references for my area? Please assist me!

Please try again later!

Thanks for your kind consideration, Amber. Looking for any advice or info anyone has. Hi, Amanda. Please email us at admin improvingbirth.

This is such a great list for parents seeking a VBAC provider. Thank you for sharing! I have recently moved and am 5 weeks pregnant. My last ob said I would be a candidate before getting pregnant. Anything special I should ask or know while looking for a new provider? Thank you. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.