Searching for the perfect property criteria

Searching for homes that fit comfortably within the budget will provide you with some room to negotiate should you find yourself in a multiple offer situation. You will be able to put in a higher offer on a home without it putting you under too much financial strain.

What happens if you do find the perfect property?

A home might have been newly renovated and is picture perfect, but where it is located will determine its potential for appreciation in value over time. You can change a home, but not its location. Each neighbourhood or suburb within a city will have a different sub-culture and feel. While family buyers may want to live in the quieter suburbs that are close to schools, younger buyers may prefer to be in fast-paced hubs. An older home may fit your criteria regarding features, but it could come at the cost of updating or fixing certain elements of the home. Even though technology has reached the point where one can take a virtual tour of a home, viewing a property in this way is still restrictive to a degree.

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A professional and experienced broker will be in the know about the best properties in their area of service, which means that you can be the first to know about an investment that is worth your time and money — if you have a broker on your side. Armed with your search criteria and your budget in mind, your dedicated broker can create a shortlist of properties that might interest you. You can then spend some time visiting each of the potential properties, to see if they will meet with your requirements and the demands of your business or home life.

A property broker will undoubtedly have a checklist for you to use when scrutinising each property for sale. You can also create your own list, detailing must-have features for the ideal property. This list could include aspects such as location, property size, security features included, possibility of extensions or alterations, condition of the property, type of property and much more.

When you find a home or commercial building that grabs your attention, try to think objectively and do not simply throw your checklist out of the window. Particularly with new home purchases, investors tend to romanticise the process of house hunting and this can lead to trouble in the long run. While your broker will be as excited about finding you a home as you are, you can expect them to be level headed and sensible about your financial investment, and will advise you on alternative options if a property seems like it will simply cost too much or not be a viable option in the long run.

Where do you find such a property broker?

How to Profit When You Buy Your Investment Property

At Huurkor of course! We have a busy office dedicated to serving the needs of property hunters across Gauteng. Our services are always offered on a professional basis, but our brokers and consultants will go out of their way to ensure that you feel comfortable and taken care of. Whether you are purchasing property for the first time or tenth time, you will be treated with the same amount of importance — our number one priority!

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At Huurkor, we believe that every property investor deserves the keen eye and sharp negotiation skills of our experienced and reliable property brokers. We understand your urgency to find the perfect property and will work tirelessly to make your investment dreams become a reality.

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We meet with each of our clients to discuss their needs and go over the existing properties that we have on our books. We do, however, also offer an online service for those who want to spend some time browsing around. You have undoubtedly already discovered our property listing on our website. If you have any issues using the system, simply drop us an email or give us a call, and someone will attend to the issues as soon as possible. At Huurkor, we are excited about finding you a property for sale in Gauteng that meets with all of your needs and falls within your budget constraints.

We encourage you to pick up the phone or drop us an email to get in touch with one of our team members.

Contact us

Find your next property with our assistance — we are standing by to help in any way possible. Annual Costs R Annual costs include repairs, taxes, levies, insurance, commision fees. It is only the vendor who can decide whether to reject a bid for whatever reason.

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Will my identity be revealed to other bidders or the seller? Prospective purchasers are not entitled to know the identities of any other bidders, nor will the vendor find out who the prospective purchaser is until a written agreement has been entered into. As the buyer, you are responsible for examining the property carefully before you sign the purchase contract.

Searching for the perfect property could cost thousands

If you discover anything that may indicate a fault or defect, you should report it immediately. Many people often take it for granted that the seller is responsible for covering the associated costs. This is true in some — but far from all — cases. And it is important that you report anything that may indicate a fault or defect.

Generally speaking, houses and apartments are sold "as viewed" with regard to their age, price and use. Talk to your agent for more information about your responsibilities. When you and the vendor reach an agreement, a purchase contract is prepared stating the price, take-over date and other pertinent details.

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  7. At this stage, you will make a down payment and confirm your intention to complete the deal, so be sure you have arranged sufficient financing for this to go ahead. This is so that your property can be recorded in the title register. As well as taking care of the preparations for this meeting, we can also accompany you to it, should you so wish. Good to know about the purchase Payment terms Supplementary costs. The deposit is paid when signing the contract. Once the property has been purchased, the title deed is registered in the title deed registry.

    This is proof that you are the new legal owner of the property. To buy a property in Spain, you need a tax identification number known as an NIE. You also need an NIE if you are going to work, open a bank account or set up a phone or internet subscription in Spain. We can put you in touch with companies that can assist you in obtaining an NIE. The Notary Public is an officially appointed law professional who in this case is obliged to check the identities of the buyer and vendor and the legal status of the property.

    The Notary Public also prepares the transfer deed, which forms the basis of your title deed application.